A Voice of Colorado No. 496:

Get to know the State of Colorado through its Wilderness Areas, specifically the Buffalo Peaks Wilderness Area.

Located in the Pike and San Isabel National Forests, the Buffalo Peaks Wilderness Area is located near the towns and cities of Buena Vista, Hartsel, Fairplay, Alma, Breckenridge, Frisco, Climax, Leadville, and Granite, CO.

Relatively-speaking the Buffalo Peaks Wilderness Area is one of Colorado’s newer wilderness areas, designated in 1993 by the Colorado Wilderness Act.

For those preferring a slightly lower altitude and a smaller number of visitors, who pursue nearby fourteener summits, East (13,300 feet above sea level) and West (13,326 feet above sea level) Buffalo Peaks appeal. Two, high-domed mountains which are visible throughout South Park and the Arkansas Valley, they were created between twenty-five and thirty million years ago, and mark the southern terminus of The Mosquito Range, which is a large, faulted anticline.

Among those who called the Buffalo Peaks Wilderness Area home are beaver, elk, mule deer and one of the largest herds of bighorn sheep in the State of Colorado (reportedly totaling more than 150). Visitors to the area can sees bristle-cone pine, large meadows, and substantial beaver ponds. Hikers visiting the area will enjoy exploring Fourmile Creek and horse riders will marvel at the peace and quiet as they traverse the expansive landscape, which features eighteen miles of trails.

Presently the Buffalo Peaks Wilderness Area encompasses 43,410 acres, and offers elevations between 9,200 and 13,300 feet above sea level.


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