A Voice of Colorado No. 512:

A growing number of private communications from (presumably) registered voters expressing a valid opinion: They will NOT be voting for Jody Shadduck-McNally for elected office because she has apparently enlisted the services of at least one individual to explicitly insult and threaten anyone who does not unconditionally support her campaign on Social Media platforms, specifically the web site for THE REPORTER-HERALD in Loveland, CO. Some of these communications have also asserted that this valid concern has been brought to the attention of the editor of the newspaper, and the concern regarding comments posted to the newspaper’s web site that are explicitly insulting and threatening has been ignored.

I have not met Jody Shadduck-McNally. I do not know much about her, but based on the information provided and the actions taken on her behalf I have no desire nor need to know her. As to the Managing Editor of record for THE LOVELAND-REPORTER – his reputation for a lack of professionalism, maturity, morals, and ethics precede him.

The State of Colorado needs elected officials who do the job they were elected to do. Those who fail to do so by allowing a part of their electorate to be insulted and threaten should not be elected first and foremost.

As to the news media, specifically THE REPORTER-HERALD, which aids in such actions appropriately described as acts of domestic terrorism – they do not merit consideration or respect. This applies not only to THE REPORTER-HERALD, but Prairie Mountain Media, the parent company of THE REPORTER-HERALD, and Digital First Media, the parent company of Prairie Mountain Media.


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