A Voice of Colorado No. 646:

The aftermath of The Trump Effort continues with (for lack of a better word) shockwaves. But unlike more traditional shockwaves produced with the denotation of explosive materials, which lose their energy in subsequent iterations, the shockwaves of The Trump Effect continue to gain energy and, unlike their counterparts, are producing results that can only be described as good and positive: Increasingly people are abandoning traditional forms of Social Media – Facebook and Twitter, specifically – and are returning to real life or other forms of Social Media which can accurately be described as “sanctuaries”.: Places in cyberspace where harm in the form of explicit threats, insults, and rude remarks do not and are not allowed to exist.

Additionally, people are discovering or rediscovering pastimes and pursuits discarded because of the advent of Facebook and Twitter. A growing number of communications have informed me that people have decided the knock-down-drag-out mentality of the 2016 election cycle is not something they want or need in their lives. Several notes have passed along information about how this effort has provided inspiration and motivation to go out and explore the State of Colorado, to know the place that they call “home”.



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