A Voice of Colorado No. 742:

Agreed: Until Albert Manzi, CEO of Prairie Mountain Media, which owns THE REPORTER-HERALD (Loveland, CO.), is fired for allowing his subordinate, the Managing Editor of THE REPORTER-HERALD, Jeff Stahla, to publicly advocate age-based discrimination, and until Jeff Stahla is fired for publishing an alleged comment in “The RH Line” supporting age-based discrimination a boycott against the parent company of THE REPORTER-HERALD and Prairie Mountain Media, Digital First Media is in effect.

A boycott resulted in the financial ruin and demise of THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS when Albert Manzi was President of Scripps. A boycott will result in the financial ruin and demise of THE REPORTER-HERALD, Prairie Mountain Media, and Digital First Media.

If the majority owner of Digital First Media, Alden Global, wants to ensure a return on its investment, the termination of employment of Albert Manzi and Jeff Stahla must happen. Now.


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