A Voice of Colorado No. 766:

Glen Haven, CO. stands as an example of what the State of Colorado and Coloradans are really about: In late 2013 roughly one-third of Colorado was ravaged by floods. Glen Haven was devastated when the river jumped its channel, and scoured much of the main street clean.

Refusing to accept the resulting reality residents and volunteers came together to rebuild, with the latest undertaking being a new community center located outside of the floodplain.

The challenge for this project is straight-forward: At least $500,000 will be needed to build the structure, which has been the center of town for many for more than eight decades.

Because Glen Haven does not have a tax base to draw on for such expenditures financial donations for the project are required.

To donate:

• Send a check payable to the Glen Haven Relief Fund, P.O. Box 34, Glen Haven, CO. 80532

• (Make sure “Town Hall” appears on the memo line.)

• Donate online at http://www.glenhaventownhall.org


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