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A Voice of Colorado No. 1034:

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This is Colorado. This is the history of the State of Colorado, the Sand Creek Massacre:

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A Voice of Colorado No. 1031:

Over the Christmas holidays mention was made to the Rock Creek Ski Area. A visitor to the State of Colorado refused to believe it existed. It did exist and was in operation from 1947 through the early 1950s.

Located about 19 miles from Lyons, CO. on Highway 7 (the road to Estes Park), it was promoted by the United States Forest Service as a promising and soon-to-be popular ski area.

The ski area manager was Bill Hottel of Longmont, CO., who was also a member of the 10th Mountain Division.

There was two tow lines at the area originally – a 400 and 1,800-foot tow line, which served a total of two beginner, two intermediate, and one expert run.

In 1951 – 1952 there was a planned expansion of the area to include a 4,900 foot J- or T-bar, which would reach the summit of Iron Clad Ridge. Additionally, a large base lodge with a dormitory was to be built, but the plans were abandoned because of a lack of snow, which led to the demise of the property. Little evidence remains of The Rock Creek Ski Area.

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This is Colorado: The Standley Lake Regional Park Bald Eagles:

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