A Voice of Colorado No. 899:

More and more e-mails regarding the explicit threats and insults allowed on the web site for THE REPORTER-HERALD (Loveland, CO./Digital First Media), with the blessing of the Managing Editor of record, Jeff Stahla, by individuals using fake screen names, against others who do not support property tax increases and mill levy increases to fund public education.

The fact that Mr. Stahla, who is supposedly a professional journalist, allows this demonstrates without exception his lack of fitness for the position of Managing Editor of the newspaper.

The additional fact that he refuses to enforce the clearly stated Terms of Service on the web site reinforces the charges of incompetence and bias, his lack of professionalism and maturity.

The fact he allows people to establish Disqus accounts and then explicitly threaten others who opposed the recent proposal to increase property tax increases and a mill levy calls into question the growing opinion he is corrupt and dishonest, unethical and immoral.

What makes all of this very concerning is the related fact: The superintendent of the Thompson School District, Dr. Stan Scheer, who refuses to condone and denounce these acts of domestic terrorism, coercion, and abuse – none of which make for a viable environment for learning.

Explicitly threatening, insulting, belittling, disrespecting, and abusing others because they do not submit to a partisan political agenda advanced as an objective learning structure gives reason to also question Dr. Scheer’s capability for his position overseeing the district.

Based on these facts it is appropriate to wonder – as many have – what public education is about and what role learning has in it.


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