A Voice of Colorado No. 913:

The basic function of a question is to clarify information provided or to add to knowledge already known.

For example, if you see a large raptor flying and you are in the company of someone who knows about them you might ask: Is that a Golden Eagle?

The reply provided is: That’s a turkey vulture, and you can determine the identity by the overall coloring, the wing span, the fingers on the wings, and the shape and color of the head.

For example, you have learned to drive a vehicle but you are not familiar with how to shift gears because you have not driven a standard transmission, you might ask someone who knows the specifics how to do so.

A problem with Social Media overall is that this dynamic is not encouraged. Instead people are berated, insulted, and disrespected with accusations and insults. In order to make the most of Social Media this effort will pose questions and relevant answers. If you have additional information you are encouraged to submit it, but do so in a respectful, civil manner.


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