A Voice of Colorado No. 1015:

A growing number of e-mails from people living in the Loveland, CO.: area, which includes the Thompson Valley School District, regarding the explicit threats allowed to the web site of the local newspaper by at least one person using a fake name against those who do not support higher property taxes supposedly intended for public education.

The Terms of Service for posting comments to the web site of the newspaper in question are posted to the web site of the newspaper. However, the Managing Editor of the newspaper consistently refuses to enforce the Terms of Service. It should be sufficient reason for the termination of his employment. This is unlikely to happen because his superiors refuse to do their jobs as well.

You could report these violations to Disqus, which provides the Social Media platform for this purpose, but given the documented fact Disqus does not enforce its Terms of Service nothing of substance is likely to come of these reported violations.

If you are explicitly threatened on the web site for this newspaper you should make a screenshot of the comment and provide it to law enforcement. They will investigate and resolve the matter.

As previously noted it is time to say goodbye. Specifically to this newspaper, which has abandoned its purpose as a professional publication and an as objective news source.

If you believe more money is needed for public education consider cancelling all advertising and subscriptions with THE REPORTER-HERALD and all publications published by Digital First Media, and give the money to education.


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