A Voice of Colorado No. 1 Version 5.0:

One of the longest running series on television, DR. WHO, has featured twelve actors in the lead role of The Doctor. When the first actor to play the character, William Hartnell, prepared to leave the series and a new actor, Patrick Troughton, was introduced, concern was expressed over whether or not the series could continue with such a pronounced change.

A writer on the first iteration of the series, to alleviate the concerns, reportedly said: It is not about who plays Who, it is about the story of Who.

In plain English: Sometimes a story may focus on one character but it is about more than one person.

When I first learned of this blog it was in its second iteration, and preparations were under way for the third iteration. Like many who have experienced change of this nature I had concerns about whether or not it could and would endure.

My concerns, like those regarding DR. WHO, were without merit. When it was made known a fourth iteration would occur I once more had reservations because I had become accustomed to what I found in this space on a regular basis. Once more my unexpressed opinions were unfounded.

The time for a new iteration – the fifth – has arrived.

When the fourth iteration began a respectful, civil, and polite e-mail of introduction and support was sent. A respectful, civil, and polite response was provided. Over time, additional notes of support, praise, and suggestions were sent and responded to accordingly, and it came as to no surprise when an offer to become involved in this blog was extended.

Initially I declined involvement because I did not want to affect the success resulting, and because I had reservations and concerns about what I could offer that would contribute to the ongoing success of the blog. When I made this opinion known a proposal was made regarding my involvement and contribution, and, once more, I was proven wrong in my doubts.

Based on this a few months ago a proposal was offered regarding this blog and its future. Based on the success realized because of my involvement and contributions I agreed that a more substantial presence here made sense for me, and the opportunity to assume administration of this blog was appropriate.

Like The Doctor, who is sometimes less than graceful in his executions, my arrival is somewhat awkward, owing to a miscommunication.

Regardless, over the next weeks and months, my presence will become more apparent. I mention this fact in the event someone notices these changes and may wonder what is happening behind the scenes.

For now the format and nature of the content will remain unchanged. In time changes will be made. But unlike changes to DR. WHO, done with melodramatics and sweeping gestures, they will be subtle and sublime and the transition will be done with grace and ease.

Like DR. WHO, this journey and adventure should be memorable for all who choose to be involved and participate.