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A Voice of Colorado No. 33 Version 5.0:

When an independent film shot in the State of Colorado gets noticed and reviewed by VARIETY, take note:

Film Review: ‘Actor Martinez’


A Voice of Colorado No. 32 Version 5.0:

The State of Colorado has much to offer when it comes to those known as “skywalkers”:

A Voice of Colorado No. 31 Version 5.0:

What is a Coloradan? A Coloradan is a steward, a warrior, a protector of The American West:

A challenge to Coloradans: Who do you know in the State of Colorado who is a steward, a warrior, a protector of The American West?

A Voice of Colorado No. 30 Version 5.0:

Spring has come to the State of Colorado:

A Voice of Colorado No. 29 Version 5.0:

Congratulations are in order:

A challenge to Coloradans: There are 64 counties in the State of Colorado. How many have a visual artist of the year like Larimer County?

A Voice of Colorado No. 28 Version 5.0:

Now that you know without exception that the Managing Editor of the newspaper is responsible for the Disqus account with an obviously fake name, which has been used to post obscene and profane comments to the newspaper’s web site; now that you know that the Managing Editor of the newspaper is not professional or mature; now that you know that the actions of the Managing Editor of the newspaper demonstrate that the newspaper is not credible or respectable; now that you know he will not be fired for his inexcusable actions – what do YOU intend to do? Cancel your subscription to the newspaper? Terminate your advertising? Or continue to complain to me about him? If you choose to complain about him please stop contacting me.

A Voice of Colorado No. 27 Version 5.0:

A e-mail recently provided an explanation for why this effort continues to find appeal for so many: The communication, which was rather long, detailing the incompetence and lack of professionalism on the part of the Managing Editor of a newspaper in the State of Colorado, can be summarized simply – the new supporter of this blog abandoned their local newspaper because of the obvious mistakes in the newspaper.

As noted, the e-mail was expansive, and contained a bulleted list of mistakes that appeared in just one issue of the newspaper – mistakes that would otherwise ensure a junior high student working on the school newspaper a grade of “F”. But because this newspaper was produced by so-called professionals in the industry the mistakes were not publically acknowledged or corrected. At least three factual mistakes were repeated three times in one issue of the newspaper.

The author of the note received wrote that previously they had made an effort to bring the mistakes that appeared daily in the newspaper to the attention of the Managing Editor through polite e-mails and letters to the editor. None of the communications sent received a response and not one of letters submitted were published. In other words, the Managing Editor of the newspaper in question chooses to live in a world of make-believe where he can do no wrong. At the same time he is quick to publically condemn and belittle anyone who makes mistakes in their lives.

The e-mail I received added that because the quality of writing in the newspaper has steadily declined it was decided that spending money on it in the form of a subscription was wasteful, and determined that the money would be better spent elsewhere.

For now, they will support this blog.

The advocacy is greatly appreciated, but it must be repeated that this is not and will not become an alternative to the news media. Regardless, an effort is made with each post to produce quality, and when a note like the one received are received the work produced gains even more worth and value to me.

A challenge to Coloradans: Do you know of someone in the State of Colorado who consistently strives to produce quality in their work? Please let me know.