A Voice of Colorado No. 5 Version 5.0:

I consider myself a just and reasoned person. For example, if I take my vehicle to be serviced and am told that the maintenance required will be done in less than four hours and a week later I do not have my vehicle, I am justified in contacting the State Attorney General and filing a formal complaint against the business. When I finally receive my vehicle and find the service I paid for was not done properly I also have reason to pursue legal action against the business for their wrong-doing.

Some consider such a position to be that of an idealist, and not a realist, because in today’s world mediocrity and incompetence are the accepted norm.

At one time, when I was wronged, I believed it appropriate to respond in kind. For example, I once knew a man who was always late and owed everyone he knew money. If he failed to offer an apology for his tardiness, if he did not explain why he had inconvenienced others, and if he made no effort to repay the debt owed I believed it acceptable to confront him and demand an answer, which included an explanation, an apology, and payment of some kind.

Over time I decided people like this guy were not worth knowing because their singular goal in life is to be a burden to others. Put simply, they like to push other people’s buttons; they derive pleasure from aggravating, infuriating, and antagonizing others. Of course, when they are met with the same behavior they present themselves as victims.

I came to the conclusion that these people were not worth my time and effort. The same held for businesses and organizations which existed solely – or so it seemed – to impede the human race from realizing its potential.

In order to make the most of my life I began making lists of people, businesses, and organizations that I chose not to do business with and that I supported. It did not take long for me to realize that the former list was much longer than the latter. Some might look at this circumstance and accepted the apparent ugly and painful truth.

I chose and choose to do otherwise. When I encounter an individual, a business, an organization that makes an effort to realize success through common courtesy, decency, and an increasingly rare commodity called “humanity” I champion them. I celebrate them. Through word of mouth – the oldest known form of endorsement – I make sure others know about them. Because of the relatively high standard I pursue, when I do so others take notice. I take pride and pleasure in knowing a simple gesture of advocacy results in a better life for someone else; success for a business or an organization that might previously exist precariously.

Mention is made of this because recently my personal life was interrupted by a telephone call from an individual who claimed to be working on behalf of a large newspaper company. He started by asking if I subscribed to or advertised in any of the newspapers owned by this particular organization. When I replied “No” he wanted to know why. In measured tones I provided explanation. An awkward silence followed, and he said, “I suppose that means you are not interested in subscribing to or advertising in any of the newspapers owned by this company. I replied, “That is correct. Good bye, and please do not call me again.”

It is an unfortunate fact and truth of life: When someone deliberately fails they expect others to tolerate their actions by financially supporting them without exception.

I disagree. I believe that if someone goes out their way to cause the result of their actions to be failure they must not be rewarded or compensated. I believe they should be punished, which may involve losing everything they have.

For example, a newspaper whose editor makes his contempt and hatred of law enforcement and members of the United States Armed Forces undeniable. Based on this lack of professionalism, objectivity, and maturity toward those ready and willing to serve and protect, to make the ultimate sacrifice I choose not to do business with this publication and I will discourage everyone I can from doing business with this newspaper owing to the cowardice of the editor of the newspaper because the reward this newspaper deserves is failure.


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