A Voice of Colorado No. 6 Version 5.0:

Several responses regarding the closing of The Video Station, in Boulder, CO., after more than thirty years in business, with a number noting why they thought it had come to an end. All of the reasons provided contributed to the demise.

When The Video Station was located west of 28th in Boulder it was THE Video Station, and was an iconic place to frequent and work at. If you wanted to learn about film history, theory, and filmmaking, you worked at The Video Station because it was the repository for such things. If you could not work at The Video Station you still made a pilgrimage to rent films and movies because the offerings were almost infinite. But when the ownership changed it changed, and that was expected. Much in the same way a film revolutionized filmmaking and a remake failed to gain attention the change in ownership and, then, location, brought about changes that lost followers and supporters.

Now that The Video Station is gone, and the need exists to establish a new place where students and lovers of films can go to learn, perhaps a student of The Video Station can fill the void.

A challenge for Coloradans: How many visited The Video Station during its existence? How many worked at The Video Station? How many went on to work in film based on that work experience?


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