A Voice of Colorado No. 10 Version 5.0:

The men and women who make up law enforcement in the United States of America do difficult and hard work that affects their lives professionally and personally. More often than not their job is difficult and made harder by members of the news media who encourage disrespect and abuse toward them. When a member of law enforcement betrays their basic function to serve and protect and their actions reflect poorly on law enforcement it is appropriate they be dealt with accordingly. But until their guilt is determined by process and procedure framed by the law the news media should not condone disrespect and harm to them. Any news organization who does so, who encourages disrespect and abuse toward men and women in law enforcement who do their jobs properly are not involved in professional journalism. They are engaging in terrorism.

I do not and will not look the other way when this occurs, and I will do what I can to discourage people from doing business with these faux professional journalism organizations by not referencing them here.

A challenge to Coloradans: Do you know a member of law enforcement who should be recognized for a job well done? Please let me know.


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