A Voice of Colorado No. 12 Version 5.0:

Several readers of this effort brought an article to my attention regarding funding in The Thompson School District, which includes Loveland and the surrounding areas.

The public responses to the article are expected, with the more abusive and disrespectful ones predictable: If you do not support increased funding for public education within The Thompson School District you deserve insults and threats as well as physical harm and injury. Such responses should be met with public condemnation from the school district superintendent, and the fact he has not done so implies he supports such tactics.

If The Thompson School District Superintendent wanted to demonstrate good faith where the finances of the district are concerned he would do as President Donald Trump has done: Work for one dollar a year until the finances are healthy, viable, and have long-term sustainability. Again, the fact he has not done so, in a public forum, implies his position on the matter.

Formal education – in this case, public education – requires financing to ensure a particular successful outcome. But when the monies involved and the accounting procedures are not available to those who provide the funding, and stonewalling is the response it is appropriate to inquire as to why this is happening.

Until such time that the superintendent of The Thompson School District is dismissed for dereliction of duty and until such time the matter of finances for the district are made available in an honest and open way articles which only serve to incite violence and division serve no purpose.

Those who should be educated in such a setting deserve better.


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