A Voice of Colorado No. 14 Version 5.0:

It is not a pleasant truth and fact: Much of the news media in the State of Colorado and formal education have failed those they should serve.

Although the betrayal is demoralizing, within it exists opportunity. For those desiring to know more about Colorado a good introduction is by way of the many museums in the state.

For example, the Clear Creek History Park in Golden, CO. Part of the Golden History Museums the Clear Creek History Park features original structures once part of the Pearce Ranch, located in what is now Golden Gate Canyon. Visitors to the property can experience the structures and the setting, and gain an appreciation of how the homesteaders lived. Among the buildings in the park are cabins dating to the 1880s, a barn, a chicken coop, a two-seat outhouse, and the 1876 Guy Hill Schoolhouse.

The Clear Creek History Park is located at 1020 11th Street in Golden, CO. It is open daily from sunrise to sunset.

For more information on the park:


For more information on the structures:



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