A Voice of Colorado No. 17 Version 5.0:

Much of the news media in the State of Colorado is a for-profit business, deriving its income from advertising and subscriptions. Much of the for-profit news media in Colorado continues to lose money as advertisers and subscribers alike terminate their relationship with the news media because of decisions made on the part of ownership and executive management, which are unprofessional, biased, immature, reckless, and irresponsible.

I choose not to do business with specific news organizations in the State of Colorado that publish newspapers in which members of the United States Armed Forces and law enforcement are threatened, insulted, and disrespected on the Social Media platforms belonging to these publications.

If you are a newspaper publisher in the State of Colorado and you wonder why your publication is losing money, consider the explicit threats and insults against law enforcement that you allow on your Social Media platforms. I do not suggest that you engage in censorship. I suggest that you require people who post comments to your Social Media platforms do so in a respectful and mature manner. I also offer the opinion that if you decide not to do this you should expect to lose advertisers and subscribers because the majority of Coloradans respect and obey the law. Your actions presently demonstrate that you do not, and you do not merit further consideration, specifically financial support.

A challenge to Coloradans: Do you know of a newspaper in the State of Colorado that respects those who make up the community it reports on?


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