A Voice of Colorado No. 25 Version 5.0:

In Larimer County, Colorado voters voted to pass an open-space tax to acquire land that would be preserved from development.

In the same county, in The Thompson School District, voters rejected a proposal to increase existing taxes for public education.

The reason the open space tax passed was because voters understood where the revenues generated would go and how the monies would be used. A reason the voters rejected a mill levy override and a property tax increase was because supporters of the increases refused to provide specific information regarding how the monies generated would be spent, and when pressed on the matter, through their supporters in the local news media, responded with obscenities, threats, and insults.

Understandably, voters rejected the increases and the supporters of the increases.

Despite this, aided by the news media, supporters of increases to the taxpayers, supposedly for public education in The Thompson School District, continue their abusive tactics, and what can justifiably be described as acts of coercion and terrorism.

If more money is actually needed for public education in the Thompson School District, then cuts to unnecessary funding should be made starting at the top – the salary, benefits, and perks provided to the school district superintendent. Additionally, hard choices must be applied – deciding which should take precedent: Academics or athletics.


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