A Voice of Colorado No. 45 Version 5.0:

The deliberate and undeniable failure on the part of much of the news media in the State of Colorado to adequately report on the confirmation of Judge Neil M. Gorsuch to the United States Supreme Court on April 10, 2017, as the 113th justice, has been met with responses – individually and collectively – of due outrage. The premeditated betrayal of the news media where professionalism, objectivity, and competency are concerned only serves to hasten its demise in the correct opinion of those who once believed it could be relied upon to provide fact and truth about specific issues and matters.

At the same time this act of ruin through willful corruption provides for opportunity for those who would do the job of recording the day’s events in a manner which demonstrates reason for earned respect and acknowledgement of credibility.

Since his nomination to the highest court in the land there has been much speculation on how long he might remain on the Supreme Court, and how his decisions might affect existing law and how the precedents of his reading of the law could affect future decisions in lower courts.

Within this armchair posturing by self-styled experts in the news media there is also a related item: What will the news media look like in a year, after Justice Gorsuch has been on the bench during that time? What will the news media become in five years, a decade?

Only time will tell. But the news media, like justice, can ensure a successful future if those who serve it do so accordingly, through unwavering morals and ethics, standards and principles, values and beliefs.

A challenge for Coloradans: What have you done today that merits respect? Is there a specific action on your part that should earn credibility? Name one thing you did today that sets a standard for others to pursue.


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