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News worth knowing:


Larimer County partners in purchase of land for open space next to Horsetooth Mountain Open Space
Purchase to protect wildlife habitat

The Board of Larimer County Commissioners at their weekly Administrative Matters meeting today approved the purchase of 358 acres of property adjacent to Horsetooth Mountain Open Space with open space tax dollars in a proposed partnership with the City of Fort Collins and Great Outdoors Colorado [GOCO]. The City of Fort Collins will hold the required GOCO conservation easement on the entire property.

The Open Lands Advisory Board recommended the Board of County Commissioners contribute $760,000 in open space tax dollars as part of the partnership to purchase the property, with the City of Fort Collins contributing $750,000, and GOCO contributing $1,000,000 totaling $2,510,000.

The land abuts Horsetooth Rock and shares a common boundary of approximately 1.5 miles with Horsetooth Mountain Open Space (HTMOS) and is also located near Lory State Park. The transaction is split into two areas. The largest area immediately adjacent to Horsetooth Rock consists of 281.32 acres with the north area consisting of 77.52 acres and is located atop the ridgeline, and overlooks portions of HTMOS, as well as providing views of Wyoming, Fort Collins, Loveland and Horsetooth Reservoir.

Both areas consist of rolling foothills, rock outcroppings, ridgelines, and forested hillsides. Redstone Creek, flowing north-south through a portion of the property for about 4,000 feet, contains Preble’s Meadow Jumping Mouse habitat.

The property also provides an east/west migration corridor for large mammals including mule deer, black bear, mountain lion and bobcat while also providing good habitat for turkey and grouse. The most important purpose of this purchase is the protection of wildlife habitat and the elimination of potential fragmentation of the landscape through 35 acre development with their related access roads, power lines, and building structures.

A challenge to all Coloradans: Are there land preservation programs in the State of Colorado you support?


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