A Voice of Colorado No. 56 Version 5.0:

Thank you for bringing the matter to my attention. I must respond that I am not surprised to learn that the original content of this blog has been plagiarized – by a professional journalist, no less. I actually expected it, and I am not surprised to learn that the so-called professional journalist responsible for the theft of intellectual property works for a company that has repeatedly said it will pursue legal action against anyone who steals their intellectual property. This is the standard for many allegedly professional journalists – do as I say, not as I do.

As to pursuing action against the thief in question – I will not do so. I could pursue legal action and easily win in a court. I could pursue financial action against the so-called journalist in question and win. But at the end of the day, because their employer has such low standards and is known for a lack of morals and ethics, nothing worthwhile will come of it. They will not be fired and they will not be banned from professional journalism. They will not be held to account because, unfortunately, that is the reality of most of the news media nowadays.

A challenge for Coloradans: Do you know of a journalist – professional or amateur – who works to pursue high standards, and strong morals and ethics in what they do?


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