A Voice of Colorado No. 64 Version 5.0:

It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Equally, plagiarism, the willful, deliberate, and premeditated theft of intellectual property, is neither flattery nor imitation.

For the second time in as many months the original content published to this blog has been plagiarized. Stolen; taken without permission or acknowledgment of the source by a so-called professional newspaper which is quick to assert legal action will result if anyone steals their original content.

As previously noted when this act occurred the first time I reported that I could take legal action against the publication in question, the allegedly professional journalist responsible, and win. I could demand, as part of the legal requirement, the termination of the journalist’s employment, and that he is banned from the industry at large. I also could demand financial compensation and a public acknowledgement of theft of my intellectual property. But I also noted that such things would be unrealistic undertakings in large part because the supposedly professional news organization that employs this thief would not fire him, would not publically acknowledge their hypocrisy, and that was because this allegedly professional news organization and this so-called professional journalist have demonstrated, without exception, a lack of morals and ethics where such matters are concerned.

Instead of pursuing legal action I choose a different response, a different course of action. Because the University of Colorado journalism program chose to publically establish a relation with a news organization that practices and condones plagiarism I call for an immediate action involving the dissolving of the journalism program at the University of Colorado, with the expressed understanding the University of Colorado will not attempt again in the future to re-establish such a program and to agree that no further funding of such a dishonest, immoral, and useless program be allowed.

Because much of the news media, shills for partisan politics, like to hold others to high standards, it is appropriate that they be held to even higher standards. If they fail to meet these standards they must be held legally and financially responsible.


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