A Voice of Colorado No. 67 Version 5.0:

The recent remarks by Stephen Colbert toward President Donald J. Trump should mark the end of his so-called career as an entertainer. It should be the end of CBS, who refuses to hold him accountable and responsible for his disrespect of the Presidency of the United States of America.

Colbert will not be fired, his career will not come to an end, and CBS will not be punished for allowing their media to be used for the advancement of sedition and treason.

That is, unless the individual chooses to ban both of them from their lives. No needs the likes of Stephen Colbert. No one needs CBS or anyone associated with it, including the Denver, CO station, Channel 4 in Denver.

As to late night television – it died when Johnny Carson died. If you don’t know who Johnny Carson was, if you don’t know understand humor as he presented it, you are poorer for it.


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