A Voice of Colorado No. 69 Version 5.0:

The Affordable HealthCare Act continues to negatively affect those it was supposed to help: Longmont United Hospital recently announced that it will close its clinic in Lyons, CO. August 1, 2017 because it claims the Centura Health Physician Group Primary Care facility has been losing money and because of a decrease in use.

Despite these claims Lyons-area residents assert the clinic provides a critical need, especially for older members of the community, who do not have the means to travel to Longmont, Boulder, Berthoud, Niwot, or Firestone, where facilities remain in operation.

Because of the pending closure residents of Lyons and surrounding areas, which include Allenspark and Meeker Park, Riverside and Raymond, are considering options, which include bringing another medical provider to the area or asking voters in the Lyons area to raise money to keep the clinic open.

Once more affordable healthcare as run by government has failed it was intended to aid. Once more a documented reason exists to remove government involvement in anything involving the well-being of legal American citizens.


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