A Voice of Colorado No. 72 Version 5.0:

Unlike some who fail to accept the reality of personal finances and meet with an unpleasant end, I know how much I make in gross income, I know my expenses, and I know – to the penny – how much I have in disposable income.

IF I have to pay more for health insurance, dental insurance, eye care insurance I will have less disposable income. To adjust for this I must eliminate unnecessary costs, which includes newspaper subscriptions and advertising in newspapers. It seems to me that should this come to pass I will not be the only one who ends a financial relationship with the news media. After that happens a lot of news organizations, already operating with very small net profit margins, will be required to dramatically cut costs or go out of business. In my opinion this is not an acceptable fate for anyone.

Therefore, it seems to me that IF the news media wants to survive it will properly research and report the specific costs of healthcare instead of shilling for partisan politics.

Because so many news organizations have refused to do so in the past it is in my best interest from a financial perspective to terminate my relationships with them based on their dereliction of duty and undeniable incompetence.

Consider this a warning not be ignored.


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