A Voice of Colorado No. 79 Version 5.0:

The news that THE DENVER POST is leaving town, specifically Denver, for less-expensive accommodations in Adams County, comes as no surprise for many who have watched the slow death of a once iconic publication. Recent decisions by the parent company, Digital First Media, along with requirements by the majority-owner, Alden Global Capital, a private equity firm, show a clear path for the eventual demise of the newspaper along with the holdings of the overall company; logic and reason are conspicuous by their absence.

As to why such decisions are being made with a outcome of failure certain defies understanding, because the function and desire of a private equity firm like Alden, which directs decisions overall, is to make profit, not amass losses.

Ownership and senior executive management are not solely to blame for this impending financial disaster of almost epic proportions. For reasons apparently only know to subordinates – specifically the publisher of THE ESTES PARK TRAIL-GAZETTE, the editor of THE DAILY CAMERA, the editor of THE TIMES-CALL, etc., – alienating advertisers and subscribers to ensure a continual loss in revenues is the acceptable and preferred business plan and model.

When Digital First Media finally shutters all of its newspapers and files for bankruptcy, and Alden Global Capital sells off the remaining assets for pennies on the dollars, the demise will be reflected upon with quiet resignation and acceptance; perhaps best in the grand scheme of things: In the history of the State of Colorado newspapers have come and gone, and will continue to do so. But none have met with failure, demise, and ruin on such a massive scale.


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