A Voice of Colorado No. 86 Version 5.0:

According to a resident of The Thompson School District, which includes Loveland, CO. supporters of tax increases and mill levy overrides in the district are preparing another attempt to increase property taxes and override existing mill levies to fund public education within the district.

Despite the failure of the previous attempt, which some assert was because of how the proposal was presented, supporters of increased spending within the district continue their approach, which includes insults and threats, and explicit contempt and disrespect for those who do not support more spending for education involving property taxes and mill levies. An example of this was provided recently – an op/ed piece written by the leader of a group which claims to promote community values in Loveland and the surrounding areas.

The author of the op/ed expended relatively few words before he took to insulting everyone and everything – from the nation’s capital, to the Unites States Congress, to the President of the United States of America, to perceived enemies identified with broad strokes as “conservatives”, to supporters of TABOR – in an effort to rally support for his cause.

Justifiably curious as to why this approach would be attempted again when it had failed previously, research was done into the author of this op/ed and his organization. Little effort was required to determine the truth of the matter: Neither the author of this op/ed piece or his organization is actually interested in the greater good; their concern is selfish, driven by partisan politics.

Formal education does require funding. But when efforts to provide funding involve actions which are not mature, respectful, or civil the requests for monies must be rejected without exception.


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