A Voice of Colorado No. 87 Version 5.0:

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), which has a well-documented history of fiscal and financial mismanagement, having failed to convince the state legislature of Colorado to increase funding during its recent session, has decided to take the matter to voter; using an approach that must be met with rejection: Enlisting the aid of the supposedly objective and professional news media in the State of Colorado to manipulate the relevant facts and truth.

Much of the news media in Colorado has demonstrated that it cannot and must not be trusted to present fact and truth objectively, and this undertaking is no exception regarding their willingness to lie, misrepresent, and distort information for the benefit of special interests.

Until such time that CDOT opens its books to the public and presents all information regarding its finances and how funds are spent no additional money must be provided to them. And as to their thinly veiled threats toward the taxpayer and voter – another action that is unacceptable, and must be met with rejection.


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