A Voice of Colorado No. 88 Version 5.0:

There is at least one allegedly professional news organization in the State of Colorado that has decided terrorism is the same thing as professional journalism. At least one so-called news organization in Colorado has decided that allowing people to establish fake name accounts on Social Media platforms – specifically Disqus – and then threaten others using these accounts is acceptable and supports their definition of community-oriented journalism.

I will not name the supposedly professional news organizations in the State of Colorado that permit this behavior, but I will say this: Any business in Colorado that chooses to do business with these so-called professional journalists support and condone acts of terrorism. I do not business with these journalists/terrorists, and I no longer do business with businesses which do business with these alleged journalists. If you are a business owner in the State of Colorado and you notice your business is dropping off, seriously consider who you do business with. Seriously consider ending your relationship with so-called news organizations which condone and encourage terrorism over actual journalism.


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