A Voice of Colorado No. 91 Version 5.0:

The announcement is certain to upset more than a few: The White House recently unveiled its proposed budget for 2018, which includes increased spending for the military, but a cut of more than $26 billion, which will involve the defunding, eliminating, or phasing out of more than sixty federal programs.

Cuts to funding in the proposed budget include a reduction of $4.9 billion from the Education Department.
Because much of the news media in the State of Colorado, through comments allowed to their Social Media platforms, has made it known that they believe public education should always receive more funding and not less, this proposed cut is certain to be met with opposition. If the cut were to taken affect what specifically would be cut and why? It would be useful to know the specifics, but expectation that the news media in Colorado overall will properly research and report on the matter is unrealistic.


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