A Voice of Colorado No. 96 Version 5.0:

While writing the substantial post about the actions, behaviors, and choices of a now-former employee of THE (DENVER) POST there was concern on my part as to the response it might receive. In today’s world, where relatively few have reservations about being abusive toward others because of the overall reality of Social Media, I wondered if the responses to that particular post would be favorable or threatening.

It is nice to know that to date the responses have been singular: Not one person has come out in support of the now-former employee of the newspaper. Not one person has come to the defense of THE (DENVER) POST, which condones insults and threats on its web site or Social Media platforms.

What is also interesting is that the majority of the responses included a request: People want to see Social Media put to use in a way that benefits the greater good, and more than a few have requested that this effort pursue a path of original content instead of being an aggregate site, which recycles existing content from other Social Media platforms, like so many other blogs tend to do.

Because much of the news media in the State of Colorado no longer advocates individuality or originality, because much of the news media in Colorado recycles content from other platforms, this request is more than appropriate. Additionally, at a time when much of the news media in the State of Colorado has chosen to be a weapon instead of a tool doing something that can and should make a difference for every Coloradan is paramount. To achieve this goal, original content must be at the forefront.


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