A Voice of Colorado No. 100 Version 5.0:

Given the lifespan of most blogs publishing 100 posts is a milestone worth noting.

It is also appropriate to note that since I started writing for this blog the number of followers has increased, along with the number of responses to a given post. From my perspective this is a testament to the fact I have constantly strived to provide quality content and the growing interest supports that opinion.

As the next chapter of this blog unfolds a few relevant items for those who may be interested:

First, with the demise of THE LOVELAND REPORTER-HERALD, resulting in the lack of a local source of news in Loveland, coupled with the growing number of requests for a resource for and about Loveland, a change will take place herein: More information about and for Loveland will be provided.

Before you praise me for undertaking this task take note and be aware that the approach will be the same as it has been previously: In a modest fashion. To accommodate this change will also require a change in the output of this blog: Instead of one post per day there will be two.

Which brings me to the second item of possible interest: If this change in the overall nature of the blog proves successful it will be expanded to include other communities in Colorado currently lacking a local source of news. For this to happen, of course, will require additional resources on my part, specifically time do so, and do it in a way that makes the content of value and worth.

The third item of potential interest to those who follow and support this blog relates to the first two items: I believe this blog represents the next phase of journalism, the future of the news media in the State of Colorado. Based on the current state of the news media overall in the State of Colorado it is very likely that within the next ten years the majority of corporate-owned publications will cease to exist. Already, Gannett and Digital First Media are showing signs of ruin and demise because ownership and management have refused to alter the course their organizations on are, and given the undeniable arrogance and egotism of those who make the decisions failure is the outcome.

As this comes to pass it will become necessary for new sources of information to come into existence. Those sources will take the form of Social Media platforms such as this one and media not yet available. They will be established and maintained not by organizations or groups, but individuals who know success or failure is based solely on their actions, choices, and decisions to act in a mature, professional, responsible, and ethical manner where the presentation of fact and truth is involved. These individuals will forgo partisan politics, deceit, and dishonesty. They will hold themselves accountable and responsible for what they write and publish, and they will go above and beyond the traditional role they perform in a given community.

Presently I don’t know what my role in this future will be. For now I am content to provide quality content that entertains, enlightens, and educates.

Finally, if there is something you would like me to write about having to do with the State of Colorado, please let me know.


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