A Voice of Colorado No. 156 Version 5.0:

Shortly after I starting writing for this blog and having made my presence known, I received an e-mail from an individual who wrote that they lived in northern Colorado, and wanted to know if I had plans to “show the big boys how it should be done”, meaning was it my intention to provide competition to the newspapers in northern Colorado.

I politely responded that my plan and intention were to write about the State of Colorado from the perspective of a Coloradan, and do so within the context of a blog. In other words: The expressing of subjective opinion on a variety of subjects, topics, and issues relevant to Colorado.

Despite this declaration a growing number of e-mails have come to me asking that I go head-to-head with the newspapers referenced as well as others in Colorado which have failed to do their jobs properly.

As some followers and supporters of this effort know a change was recently made regarding the output: The number of posts published increased from one to two a day. It will remain at two posts per day until such time that the number of followers reaches a specific benchmark. I will not reveal that number, but should it be reached the numbers of posts published daily will increase to four per day.

Like many others I am a consumer of information, gleaned from a number of resources. Through trial and error I have determined which sources can be relied on to provide credible, valuable, and worthwhile information. Like some I keep a list of outlets to consult and a list of outlets not to consult in order to make the most of time committed to the undertaking. By way of this record-keeping practice I have come to the conclusion that a growing number of supposedly professional news organizations in the State of Colorado cannot and should not be relied upon for the presentation of Colorado-oriented news. Again, my opinion is an opinion shared by many others, who daily send e-mails asking that I write and publish more about stories in Colorado because much of the news media in the Centennial State have failed to do their jobs properly.

The requests made have been noted, and as resources – time – allow I will address them here.

On the subject of changes made here starting today another change will be implemented. As many followers of this blog have noted Social Media has great potential, but overall, like much of the news media, has failed to realize its potential. Therefore, in order to make the most of Social Media today begins a new chapter where Social Media is concerned: Social Media platforms that include Facebook, Twitter, Disqus that allow their technologies to be used for the detriment of humanity will be blocked at the individual level. Social Media platforms that are used for the advancement, betterment, and fulfillment of the human race will be championed and showcased. The simple method for the distinction will be achieved by way of the block function all of them offer.

Theoretically, like lists kept this practice should result in more worthwhile information sources and content.

Today is Independence Day in the United States of America. Today a declaration for independence for the individual, freedom from anti-American rhetoric perpetuated by the not-so objective news media is made.


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