A Voice of Colorado No. 176 Version 5.0:

The baby-kissing and glad-handing tour by Mark Zuckerberg in his capacity as CEO of Facebook could not only be described as a damage-control effort, it MUST be described as such. Despite repeated claims that the Social Media platform has more than two billion accounts worldwide – a growing number of which have been proven to be fraudulent – and emphatic assertions that it is a credible media technology, increasingly people are abandoning it because of the undeniable dark nature of it: Live executions, vile sex acts inflicted on minors, terrorism against elected officials and law enforcement in the United States of America and elsewhere. Anyone with a measure of common sense and even superficial self-respect understandably refuses to use Facebook, and Zuckerberg knows this to be fact, and is hurrying about in barnstorming fashion in an attempt to reassure people (read: stockholders) that Facebook is not the greatest threat known to humanity and that he is not Public Enemy Number One – when the truth is undeniably the opposite.

Mark Zuckerberg had the opportunity to do something great with Facebook, but like many snake oil types who wears a lack of morals and ethics as badges of honor he chose to do otherwise, embracing and condoning depravity and ugliness, racism, anti-Semitism, bigotry, and prejudice, hate and fraud. Having had their fill of his immaturity, immorality, and dishonesty, much of the world is rising up to stand against him and Facebook, and is shutting down the abomination, the perversion, the certain and undeniable evil that is Facebook by terminating one Facebook account after another.

At this time other Social Media platforms, including Disus, WordPress, and Twitter, should take note because if they fail to change their ways they, too, will meet with an unfortunate end.

This is not to imply or explicitly suggest that Social Media does not have worth or value, purpose or meaning. It does. Like all media Social Media embodies great potential. Like all media Social Media can choose one of two paths regarding its purpose: Do good or inflict evil. Mark Zuckerberg has chosen his path, and it is not to do good for the greater good. Therefore, the time has come for him to pay for his sins and crimes against humanity.

For those who decide to make the most of Social Media start where you live: Respectfully inform the news media in the community where you reside that you will no longer do business with them if they allow their Social Media platforms to be used as Zuckerberg has allowed Facebook to be used. The subsequent choice and decision is theirs and theirs alone. Because so much of the news media is based on profiteering they will either change course or face ruin and demise as more and more consumers stand against their brand of evil and wrong-doing.

After you have made your declaration make the most of your Social Media presence, requiring everyone who frequents it to do the same. In time Facebook will become a faded memory, the name of Mark Zuckerberg will be forgotten, and humanity will realize its potential through many things, including Social Media.


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