A Voice of Colorado No. 206 Version 5.0:

As the cost of higher education in the State of Colorado continues to rise some efforts are being made to control or reduce relevant costs. But a recent decision by the University of Colorado College of Arts and Sciences has caused many to cry “foul” for more than one reason.

The University of Colorado is supposedly the flagship university in the State of Colorado, but decisions in recent years have provided reason for many to question its worth and value: The unrealistic expectation that student fees should continue to fund the athletic department, specifically the football team, now embroiled in yet another sex scandal involving a former coach for the football; the costs of programs which do not bring much if any credibility to the university overall, and relationships with organizations which have damaged the reputation of the university almost beyond repair.

IF the university wants to recover from its missteps it should either eliminate the athletic department entirely from the university or make it self-sustaining program of its own, funded through merchandising, broadcast rights, and ticket sales, and not dependent in any form or manner on funds derived of fees that otherwise burden students intent on getting a formal, proper, and worthwhile education.

IF the university wants to return to its original purpose it will shut down degree programs which do not contribute to the basic function of learning and acquisition of knowledge. For example, the College of Media, Communication and Information, which includes in its holdings the failed journalism program; discontinued previously because it was demonstrated to be a waste of resources – and which should be discontinued again because the failure that it is only serves to provide reason for defunding the entire university overall. As to the lofty title of the college – The College of Media, Communication and Information – it could easily be subtitled: Anti-American partisan political propaganda made easy. A subtitle supported by the relationship the University of Colorado has with Digital First Media, through its subsidiary, Prairie Mountain Media, whose C.E.O., is known for his undeniable hatred of America, as demonstrated by the anti-Semitism, racism, bigotry, prejudice, and hate speech that he allows on the Social Media platforms of the newspapers he oversees.

Because it is unlikely that the University of Colorado will divest itself financially of its athletic programs; because it is unlikely the University of Colorado will terminate and dismantle the College of Media, Communication and Information; and because the University of Colorado has chosen to pursue partisan politics instead of learning and knowledge which serve to advance and better humanity, the proposal to redefine higher education through the College of Arts and Science, framed currently with vagueness and an undeniable absence of specifics, must be considered suspect and questionable, and every decision made from today in every element and aspect of the University of Colorado must be approached with appropriate suspicion and doubt.

Until such time that the University of Colorado returns to its basic purpose and function where higher education is concerned, and until such time a clear explanation of the proposal in the College of Arts and Sciences is provided to student, faculty, and taxpayer in Colorado there is no reason to redefine, reorganize, or fund the University of Colorado in any form or manner.


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