A Voice of Colorado No. 208 Version 5.0:

The decision by THE AP STYLEBOOK to submit to partisan politics and require supposedly professional journalists to do the same demonstrates the corruption commonplace in much of the news media. But in this unfortunate decision and willingness to sacrifice credibility there exists the opportunity to introduce and follow a more objective and professional editorial standard.

THE AP STYLEBOOK, which is published by The Associated Press, in making this decision, has made it clear: It is not a professional document, nor is it objective. Examples of the bias motivated by partisan politics, included in the 2017 edition of the stylebook, include the following instruction: Writers are not use words or phrases deemed unacceptable and include “pro-life”, ‘migrant’, ‘refugee’, ‘Islamist’, and ‘terrorist’.

According to critics of AP such directions favor language that promotes social and political liberalism, and cite additional examples to make their argument. Writers are to use phrases such as “anti-abortion” instead of ‘pro-life’; ‘lone wolf’ or ‘attacker’ instead of ‘terrorist’ or ‘Islamist’.

Although some professional journalists may take offense to what amounts to censorship if they want their writing to appear in mainstream media they will submit to the policy and practice. Where the Associated Press and THE AP STYLEBOOK are concerned, bias takes precedent over professionalism.

Effectively immediately this blog will no longer consult or reference the Associated Press or THE AP STYLEBOOK, and will establish a stylebook and related guide which is undeniably more objective and professional than either the Associated Press or THE AP STYLEBOOK.


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