A Voice of Colorado No. 220 Version 5.0:

In June 2017, nine people were laid off from THE (DENVER) POST, including five in management. One Human Resources employee who had been with the newspaper thirty years was dismissed, as was a mailroom employee hired in 1972. Only one employee downsized was not in their 50s or 60s.

On August 1, 2017 it was reported that Gannett closed down its Nashville, TN. design studio and relocated the production work for the southeast newspapers to three remaining design studios located around the United States of America. The closure is the second in recent months, following the demise of a facility in Asbury Park, and eliminated 88 jobs.

As the largest newspaper companies in the United States of America continue to cut jobs to slow the loss of advertising revenue and subscription monies it seems that common sense should result and someone at the executive level will realize that the solution to the problem is to abandon partisan politics in favor of objective and professional journalism.

The slow death of the biggest newspaper companies in the United States of America, however, proves this neither true nor factual.


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