A Voice of Colorado No. 228 Version 5.0:

Loveland City Council member and Mayor Pro Tem John H. Fogle recently announced his intention to run for Mayor of Loveland, CO. This announcement was brought to my attention by several voters and taxpayers in Loveland who expressed concern regarding this possible election, citing Mr. Fogle’s voting record, which includes overturning a mill levy and TABOR.

As a registered voter and a taxpayer you have a responsibility to know about issues in your community, which includes researching candidates for elected office and those holding office presently. Once upon a time you could rely on the local news media to objectively provide facts about these issues. In recent years, however, the bias and prejudice of much of the news media at a local level has eliminated this objectivity. Therefore, it is up to you learn everything you can about candidates for office. If you are a voter and taxpayer in Loveland and have this information available or know how to access it please let me know and I will provide it here.

The same offer is extended to every election forthcoming in the State of Colorado.


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