A Voice of Colorado No. 232 Version 5.0:

George Brauchler, who announced his intention to run for Governorship of the State of Colorado, has made it known that he wants to decentralize the state government. It is a proposal that has been met with expected results within a political context: Those to the left side of the aisle, who tend to favor bigger government and centralized government, denounce the proposal while those to the right side of the political aisle are supporting it.

Mr. Brauchler, currently the 18th District Attorney, provides explanation for the proposal by saying that as a long-time resident of the State of Colorado he sees a disconnect between Denver and the rest of the state – a perception based in fact and acknowledged by many Coloradans, who have long believed that they have been on the short end of a stick where representation and financial elements are concerned. By decentralizing state level government each community in Colorado will be on equal footing as proposed by Mr. Brauchler.

Some have concerns about how this would be achieved as presented by Mr. Brauchler, who proposes that stage agency offices in Denver be relocated to communities outside of the Denver metro area. Such undertaking would come with a substantial upfront investment, and many Coloradans, already burdened with the rising cost of living in Colorado as well as the rising cost of healthcare, are reluctant to support such a large expenditure that they are likely to shoulder.

The proposal has value but the value that could be realized is not in cost likely to involve land acquisition and new buildings with infrastructure and construction costs that may not be needed. The value of the proposal must come from Coloradans outside of Denver, who know what is needed for their communities.

More on George Brauchler:



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