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A Voice of Colorado No. 149 Version 5.0:

By the mid-1860s settlers in the Big Thompson Valley, where Loveland, CO. is located began to use irrigation methods for farming, and encouraged growth to the region.


A Voice of Colorado No. 147 Version 5.0:

In 1860 the well-known mountain man, Mariano Medina, and his family, along with a small group of Spanish settlers returned to the Big Thompson Valley area. He acquired land near The Big Thompson River, and established the community of Namaqua, named for the town post office. Eventually Namaqua would give away to Loveland, CO. A small cemetery and a park marked the approximate location of Namaqua.

A Voice of Colorado No. 145 Version 5.0:

In 1858 the well-known mountain man Mariano Medina visited the Big Thompson Valley for the first time. His subsequent visits would result in a settlement that would assist in the establishing of Loveland, CO.

A Voice of Colorado No. 143 Version 5.0:

In the late 1850s a growing number of explorers and settlers arrived to the Big Thompson Valley, and through their efforts established Loveland, CO.

A Voice of Colorado No. 119 Version 5.0:

Many farms were established west of present-day Loveland, CO. in the Big Thompson Valley, near what is now called “The Devil’s Backbone Open Space”.