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A Voice of Colorado No. 244 Version 5.0:

A public suggestion by Loveland City Council member Richard W. Ball, who presently represent Ward I, to restrict Free Speech resulted in a number of communications from understandably concerned citizens in Loveland who find his contempt for the First Amendment of the United States of America Constitution to be unacceptable.

Perhaps a recall is in order, and the election of a candidate to office who will respect Free Speech.

A Voice of Colorado No. 242 Version 5.0:

In Ward IV of Loveland, CO. City Council incumbent Dave Clark acquired a candidate packet for the city council but has not filed an affidavit to indicate his run for office.

A Voice of Colorado No. 240 Version 5.0:

In Ward III of Loveland, CO. current City Council member Steve Olson, who won the special election in April 2017 to fill the seat vacated by Hugh McKean after his election to the Colorado House, has filled his candidacy papers. John Keil, who lost to Mr. Olson, has also completed an affidavit of candidacy.

A Voice of Colorado No. 237 Version 5.0:

A candidate for elected office in Loveland, CO. may put up signs for their campaign, but must remove them ten days following the election.

A Voice of Colorado No. 236 Version 5.0:

In Ward II of Loveland, CO. current City Council member Joan Shaffer has made it known that she will not seek re-election. Jacki Marsh completed her affidavit of candidacy for the seat.

A Voice of Colorado No. 235 Version 5.0:

The Loveland, CO. City Charter requires a candidate for City Council to complete and submit an affidavit of candidacy within ten days of their public announcement of their candidacy.

A Voice of Colorado No. 234 Version 5.0:

The pursuit of elected office in Loveland, CO. continues to develop. Jeremy Jersvig, presently the chairman of the Loveland Planning Commission, and resident of Ward I in Loveland, recently announced his intention to fill the seat being vacated by Troy Krenning. Mr. Jersvig worked on Mr. Krenning’s campaign when he ran for elected office four years ago.

Mr. Jersvig may have competition for his pursuit because Ward I resident Lenard Larkin, who also acquired a candidate packet from the City Clerk’s Office, has expressed interest in the seat.

The top two issues for Mr. Jersvig’s campaign are public safety and economic development, which he has said have seen changes in the five years he has lived in Loveland.

If elected he would advocate a focus on attracting and retaining more primary employers and less emphasis on retail development. He would also discourage economic incentives because he favors free markets.

Mr. Jersvig is now serving in a second three-year term on the Planning Commission.

His previous experiences include service in the United States Navy and his current employment in the Larimer County Assessor’s Office.