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A Voice of Colorado No. 424 Version 5.0:

Unless you are a politician, and your health care is paid for by the taxpayer of the United State of America, the concern of health care costs is the issue of the day.

If you have an individual health care plan you are likely faced with an increase in premiums ranging from a modest twenty-four percent to more than fifty percent from 2017 to 2018.

There is no justification or rationale for this dramatic increase in health insurance policy premiums. There is no reason for why health care costs in the United States of America have skyrocketed. There is no excuse for why the members of the United States Congress have failed to address this issue, which will affect everything in the economy in 2018.

The President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, has warned the members of the United States Congress that if they fail to address this economic and financial matter soon he will do so through an executive order. Their failure to take the matter seriously must result in their removal from office.



A Voice of Colorado No. 408 Version 5.0:

A wise person: https://the-journal.com/articles/72535-im-voting-no-on-the-mill-levy-increase

A Voice of Colorado No. 400 Version 5.0:

If Democrat John Hickenlooper were not a self-serving politician with dishonest intentions his dog-and-pony show bankrolled by taxpayers might merit consideration. The fact of the matter is his political grandstanding is evidence of his incompetence which he is desperate to deny and hide. He has failed, as have all politicians currently holding elected office.

A Voice of Colorado No. 396 Version 5.0:

Not too many years ago restaurants in Boulder, CO. turned away people who wanted to work a few hours a week and make a few dollars. Today is a different reality as more and more eateries in Boulder face a shortage of employees, causing existing staffs to work more hours, resulting in even more unfilled positions as many quit for better paying jobs elsewhere that require fewer hours of commitment.

How things have changed in just two years.

Several well-known restaurants in Boulder report that they cannot go more three months at a time with a full staff before someone quits, and that encourages others to do the same.

There is not a single reason for why this has happened, although several reasons seem likely: The number of restaurants in Boulder, a low unemployment rate in the state, the cost of living in Boulder, the marijuana industry – which pays better than serving or dishwashing, and immigration enforcement that came about with the election of Donald J. Trump, who made it know his administration will enforce the law.

Regardless of the actual cause the long-term effect may be that when a restaurant closes its doors due to a lack of employees a void appears, and like black holes in the cosmos, may eventually consume everything around it.

Imagine The People’s Republic of Boulder then.

A Voice of Colorado No. 394 Version 5.0:

If Xcel wants a rate increase let the executives of the company take a pay cut first – of at least ten percent.

A Voice of Colorado No. 386 Version 5.0:

If the Chief Executive Officer of a given health insurance company cared about the people they supposedly serve through the sale of health insurance they would work for no more than a dollar a year, and the remainder of their annual pay package would not exceed one percent of the net profits.

A Voice of Colorado No. 382 Version 5.0:

A proposal by Democrat Michael Bennett to expand Medicare with a program he calls “Medicare-X” is one example of his incompetence and lack of fitness for elected office. The only way health insurance can work is if the government is removed from involvement at all levels.

If Mr. Bennett understood basic economics he would know this and know his proposal is unrealistic.