A Voice of Colorado No. 616 Version 5.0:

One of the goals of this blog is to consistently produce quality content. A result of this goal has been a growing number of references by other blogs – which are appreciated.

However, it has come to my attention that at least one blog that writes about politics in northern Colorado has referenced this blog several times with the assumption that doing so will result in reference to their blog and other Social Media platforms.

Explicitly, that will not happen because it has also come to my attention that this blog and the blogger responsible for the content of that blog has chosen to be complicit where legal and criminal matters are concerned:

A newspaper in northern Colorado, which this unnamed blog competes with when it comes to matters political, established a Social Media platform for interested parties to use, to post comments in response to articles published to the newspaper’s web site. Although this newspaper claims through their explicit rules and regulations on their Social Media platform that they do not allow people to establish accounts on their Social Media platform using aliases, they have repeatedly done so, and at least one person has been allowed to create and perpetuate an account on their Social Media platform using a fake name, and under this false name they have been allowed to violate the aforementioned rules and regulations – they have been and are allowed to publish explicit threats against members of law enforcement, legal American citizens who have chosen to run for elected office, and elected officials, including but not limited to the President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump.

The blog in northern Colorado which competes with this newspaper claims to know many things about the community they write about and has bragged about their influence through their network of community contacts. Additionally, there is a growing body of evidence that indicates they know the actual identity of the person behind the fake name on the newspaper’s Social Media platform, and have chosen not to report them to law enforcement, even though making explicit threats on Social Media platforms may constitute a criminal act. In making this choice this blogger has also chosen not only to be complicit where the law is concerned but has also implicitly decided to give aid and comfort to those guilty of criminal activity, coercion, domestic terrorism, sedition, and treason.

Because of this information and relevant facts I refuse to reference that blog and that blogger. I refuse to reference the newspaper that gives aid and comfort to enemies of the United States of America on their Social Media platform. I refuse to reward such actions and behaviors by anyone using Social Media through reference or stated acknowledgment.

Also, should I learn the actual identity of the person or persons who are allowed to explicitly threaten members of law enforcement, legal American citizens who have chosen to run for elected office, and elected officials, including the President of the United States of America I will not hesitate to report them to all appropriate law enforcement agencies. I will also provide documented proof regarding the blogger who failed to take this matter seriously, and the matter will also be brought to the attention of their employer, because they established their blog using a company e-mail address, which means they used the resources of a private sector company which does business with the United States Government to condone activity of a criminal nature, which may include threats to national security.

In 2018 a new standard regarding Social Media will be established and enforced: Do good deeds through Social Media and you will be rewarded beyond hope and desire. Use Social Media to commit or shelter criminal activity and you will be punished through the power of the law of the United States of America.


A Voice of Colorado No. 346 Version 5.0:

With the upcoming election several things must be taken into consideration when electing or re-electing an individual to office. For example, a candidate for elected office who publishes a racist tweet, and then deletes it after someone legitimately questions why it was published in the first place must not be elected to office.

Specifically, Jared Polis: Mr. Polis has made it apparent by his own actions that he is not fit to hold the highest elected office in the State of Colorado.

A Voice of Colorado No. 234 Version 5.0:

The pursuit of elected office in Loveland, CO. continues to develop. Jeremy Jersvig, presently the chairman of the Loveland Planning Commission, and resident of Ward I in Loveland, recently announced his intention to fill the seat being vacated by Troy Krenning. Mr. Jersvig worked on Mr. Krenning’s campaign when he ran for elected office four years ago.

Mr. Jersvig may have competition for his pursuit because Ward I resident Lenard Larkin, who also acquired a candidate packet from the City Clerk’s Office, has expressed interest in the seat.

The top two issues for Mr. Jersvig’s campaign are public safety and economic development, which he has said have seen changes in the five years he has lived in Loveland.

If elected he would advocate a focus on attracting and retaining more primary employers and less emphasis on retail development. He would also discourage economic incentives because he favors free markets.

Mr. Jersvig is now serving in a second three-year term on the Planning Commission.

His previous experiences include service in the United States Navy and his current employment in the Larimer County Assessor’s Office.

A Voice of Colorado No. 233 Version 5.0:

In Loveland, CO. a candidate for City Council must have lived in the Ward they desire to represent for one year before the November election. They must also submit at least twenty-five registered voters who live in their Ward by a published deadline, usually the end of August of the same year the election is held.