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A Voice of Colorado No. 416 Version 5.0:

The City of Loveland, CO. recently elected a new mayor, Jackie Marsh. Her election came as a surprise to those who believed themselves influential in politics. The local news media also expressed disbelief – albeit politely – by pointing out in the wake of her success that she only announced her intention to run for office in August 2017.

If the self-declared policy makers of Loveland and the news media were to pause and consider the implication of the election they would realize a certain and undeniable truth: The election of Jackie Marsh has rendered them irrelevant, and that the voters of Loveland did what real Coloradans do: They thought and acted for themselves.

But the matter should not be considered concluded: Mayor-elect Marsh must know and accept that neither the news media or the self-styled movers and shakers will not go quietly into the night.

The voters of Loveland should acknowledge the same.


A Voice of Colorado No. 384 Version 5.0:

A new tool in Boulder County for those interested in voter and voting data:


A Voice of Colorado No. 346 Version 5.0:

With the upcoming election several things must be taken into consideration when electing or re-electing an individual to office. For example, a candidate for elected office who publishes a racist tweet, and then deletes it after someone legitimately questions why it was published in the first place must not be elected to office.

Specifically, Jared Polis: Mr. Polis has made it apparent by his own actions that he is not fit to hold the highest elected office in the State of Colorado.

A Voice of Colorado No. 326 Version 5.0:

Mayoral candidates for the City of Loveland, CO., include John H. Fogle, Jacki Marsh, and Larry Heckel. Several readers and followers of this effort has expressed the opinion that they will not vote for Mr. Fogle because at least one of his supporters has been allowed to threaten and attempt to intimidate residents of Loveland who speak out against Mr. Fogle, in support of his opponents for elected office.

A Voice of Colorado No. 310 Version 5.0:

Lenard Larkin, a candidate for the Loveland City Council, for Ward I, has made it known that he is running for elected office because he believes the council should have a different perspective, one that he describes as contrarian. Larkin seeks the council seat being vacated by Troy Krenning, and is competing again Jeremy Jersvig.

As part of his platform Larkin wants the council to support small businesses that bring quality jobs to the community. He also believes that the council should support the Thompson School District and finance high-speed internet for residents.

A life-long resident of Loveland Larkin works as a cable installer. He previously ran for elected office as a Democrat in 1996, when he challenged Republican incumbent Bill Kaufman in the Colorado House of Representatives, District 51, but now considers himself to be neither liberal nor conservative.

A Voice of Colorado No. 294 Version 5.0:

Regardless of when an election cycle occurs there are two issues that matter to the voter and taxpayer: Economics and finances.

As self-serving politicians continue their relentless pursuit of more and more money for their partisan interests it is understandable that the voter and taxpayer becomes more and more suspect of them. Equally, the failure on the part of much of the news media in the State of Colorado to research and report on matters economic and financial provide reason for the voter and taxpayer to disregard the noise the news media produces and pretends is objective and professional journalism.

A Voice of Colorado No. 272 Version 5.0:

Then there were three.

The race for the next mayor in Loveland, CO. recently took an interesting turn when Loveland business owner Jacki Marsh filed her affidavit of candidacy. Marsh, who previously withdrew from the Ward II race, reported with this announcement that she has just begun to collect the required signatures, and acknowledged that getting the required 25 signatures by the deadline of August 28, 2017 would be a challenge. Her competition for the elected position of mayor includes Ward III councilor John Fogle and former council member Larry Heckel.

Originally Marsh planned to run for the Ward II seat vacated by Joan Shaffer, but made it known that she would withdraw if her friend, Kathi Wright, chose to run against Gail Snyder to avoid a splitting of the vote.

She said a reason for running is because she does not approve of how the current mayor reorganizes the agenda of the council meetings, favoring special interests, including corporations and developers. If elected she will encourage a more balanced agenda, which should allow for citizens to speak. Other possibilities to ensure equal time include a rebuttal time for citizen commenters – allowing a member of the public whose three-minute speaking time was insufficient to offer rebuttal or clarification. She also suggested discouraging council members from offering commentary during question periods.

In other Loveland races:

Dave Clark, the Ward IV incumbent, officially announced his intention to seek re-election. He has submitted the required signatures, which have been verified.

His run for elected office technically makes the fifth term for Clark, although only two have been full four-year terms. He joined the Loveland City Council in a special election in January 2004, ran unopposed in 2005, left the council in 2009 when he attempted unsuccessfully to run for mayor, rejoined the council for a one-year term in 2012 as a result of a special election, and won a full term to the council in 2013.

A former contractor, Clark is executive director of the Candlelight Dinner Playhouse, located in Johnstown, southeast of Loveland.

Mr. Clark supports widening Interstate 25 to address growing congestion on the road, as well as increased traffic on U.S. Highway 34.

He also emphasizes the city’s budget, which he says needs to focus on responsible spending.

Currently he is running unopposed.

In the Ward I race Jeremy Jersvig announced his intention to fill the seat being vacated by Troy Krenning. He completed an affidavit but has not submitted petition signatures. His presumed competition is Lenard Larkin, who took out a candidate packet, but has not made announcements regarding his intentions.

In Ward II Gail Snyder has submitted the required signatures, and they have been verified. Competition for the seat includes Kathi Wright, who declared her candidacy, but has not returned petitions as required, and Gary Lindquist, who acquired a candidate packet but has not filed anything to date.

In Ward III incumbent Steve Olsen, who was elected in a special election in 2016, has filed his petitions. His competition, John Keil, who completed an affidavit for candidacy, has made it known that he will not run for council in this election.