A Voice of Colorado Version 2018 No. 785

The 2018 election cycle must be known for one thing: The end of maintaining two sets of financial books. One set for the private sector and one set for the public sector.

In the private sector all monies paid out and received in must be documented through basic accounting procedure. The same is not true for the public sector, and the election cycle of 2018 must make this an unwavering truth.

A candidate for elected office must not be considered if they cannot provide specifics regarding financial matters. The deliberate and willful failure to do so must eliminate them from consideration for elected office.


Because much of the news media in the State of Colorado has made it known that they have no intention of doing their jobs properly or professionally when it comes to reporting the facts on candidates for elected office it is, therefore, the responsibility of the eligible voter in Colorado to research and known the relevant information before voting in November 2018.


After being accepted to college more than one-third of students in the State of Colorado need remedial courses.

According to a report recently released by the Colorado Department of Higher Education the additional courses will cost the students and the state a growing amount of money. Based on relevant costs in the 2015 – 2016 school year the cost has grown by more than twelve percent. For the students it will require an additional investment of almost twenty-one million dollars and the state more than twelve million dollars.

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The number of followers and readers continues to grow. The number of introductory e-mails also continues to grow, and so many continue basically the same reason for abandoning the news media in the State of Colorado.

This is a blog, not a news outlet. It is, at best, a source of information and opinion.

It is unfortunate that so many news organizations in Colorado have chosen to give up their function and purpose in favor of partisan politics and related propaganda, but because they made the choice the best choice to be made as response is to abandon them.

As to the growing number of requests regarding information about northern Colorado – Fort Collins and Loveland, specifically – your requests have been heard and effort is underway to fulfill the requests.


The Loveland City Council recently voted to spend more than six hundred thousand dollars from the taxpayers to complete the downtown project called “The Foundry”.

Critics of the project point to this latest action by the council as reason for recalling all members of the council, and note that this is another example of financial mismanagement on the part of local government.

The developer of the project, Brinkman, attempted to justify the additional funding by claiming the costs came from changes in the scope of the project.

The $627,647 dollars authorized by the Loveland City Council allegedly pay for specific amenities that were not included in the original contract, including a police substation and a security system that include high-definition cameras on each level of the parking garage.

Brinkman rejected the opinion that the increased costs came from a failure on its part to account for rising construction costs also not planned for in the original contract.

The vote by the Loveland City Council to pass the ordinance on first reading was 8 – 0, with Councilor John Fogle absent. The ordinance is scheduled to come before the council on July 3, 2018.


Come the November 2018 election Boulder County may ask voters and taxpayers to authorize the collection of a 0.185 percent sales and use tax to fund improvements to the Boulder County Jail and to fund a new, alternative-sentencing facility located near the jail.

Because labor costs increasingly contribute to the costs of such things put low-risk offenders to work on the project. Doing so would reduce the labor costs involved and lawbreakers would have the opportunity to learn skills that could get them good-paying jobs if they choose to obey the law.


A Voice of Colorado Version 2018 No. 688

On August 19, 1861, the first territorial election in the Gold Hill, CO. settlement took place. Ninety-four voters cast ballots.

A Voice of Colorado Version 2018 No. 529

Another election cycle approaches and with it come a growing number of requests regarding candidates for elected office: Would it be possible for me to grade the aforementioned politicians in order for voters in the State of Colorado to gain a better understanding of who they should or should not vote for?

The request is not unrealistic and simple to address. Without exception every elected official in the State of Colorado seeking re-election or another elected office receives the following grade: F.