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A Voice of Colorado No. 360 Version 5.0:

In Grand Junction, CO. there is a proposal that may solve the health care insurance problem: The direct primary care practices.

Appleton Clinics, for example, offers primary care for a monthly fee which allows patients unlimited visits and does not require insurance.

The idea for a such facility is not new, having originated in the 1990s. Nor is it limited to Grand Junction. There are more than six hundred primary care practices in the United States of America, serving more than 250,000 people. In Grand Junction, CO., in addition to the Appleton Clinics, there is also the Trailhead Clinics.

Dr. Craig Gustafson established Appleton Clinics about three years ago after deciding that he was spending too much time filling out paperwork for insurance companies and not enough time on actual medicine. The business model seems to be working. He has hired more primary care doctors – there are currently five – as more patients have enrolled, and he sees upwards of fourteen patients in a given day.

Depending on the patient the monthly fee ranges from $69 to $89 a month, and has attracted a large variety of patients: Individuals who work for small employers, self-employed patients, and lower-income citizens.

Despite the modest monthly fee patients to the clinics many clients have what are known as “health shares”, provided by the Christian Health Ministries, which covers the cost of a hospital visit or other needs that may be considered outside the definition of primary care.

More than one patient at the clinic has expressed their pleasure with the clinic. A test that would have cost more than $1,700 through health insurance is available through Appleton Clinics for just $250.

With more than 700 facilities in 48 states the model continues to find success as the (Un)Affordable Health Care Act is becoming more problematic.

Despite its appeal and success some question its ability to grow and endure because there are not enough doctors at participating clinics and facilities to serve everyone in a given community.

Given the failure that the (Un)Affordable Health Care Act has become it seems this might be the next best thing for affordable health care.


A Voice of Colorado No. 344 Version 5.0:

A new statewide system that manages Medicaid reimbursement, an example of the (Un)Affordable Health Care Act, is affecting Western Slope health care providers in a way no one should have to tolerate: Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in claims have been denied since a defective system was established in March 2017.

At Grand Junction’s Community Hospital, for example, more than five million dollars in Medicaid claims have gone unpaid because of the failed system. The hospital is large enough to offset the shortfall incurred, but problems are resulting as the debt remains: Payroll cannot be met, reducing the number of staff available for patients. Those who are working are experience a dramatic increase in their workloads. The same is true for smaller facilities in the area who are also spending a growing number of hours on the telephone trying to get claims accepted instead of denied.

According to system administrators causes for the ensuing problems include providers having to re-enroll in the Medicaid system and a change in codes that contributed to rejections of claims submitted. In Montrose, CO. more than half of the patients at the Pediatric Associates LLC are on Medicaid and the practice has more than one hundred thousand dollars in denied claims. An expense that does not nothing to make their services viable.

According to several politicians the system will eventually work. For now, the (Un)Affordable Health Care remains what it is: A mess; a shining example of why government should not be involved in health care.

A Voice of Colorado No. 308 Version 5.0:

A United States Senate budget resolution that Republicans have been using to authorize the repeal the (Un)Affordable Health Care Act, which is also known as “Obamacare” expires at the end of September 2017. No indication exists that Obamacare will be repealed and no indication exists that they will replace it with affordable health care that successfully works.

The same must be said of the Democrats, whose lack of concern for the health and well-being of legal American citizens is infamous.

A Voice of Colorado No. 306 Version 5.0:

As he attempts to justify his existence and seek lucrative employment Democrat John Hickenlooper recently remarked that people are angry regarding the state of healthcare in the State of Colorado. Given that he is responsible for the state of healthcare “angry” does not begin to describe the opinion of Coloradans who work for a living and pay taxes so that he may lie, cheat, steal, and betray those he was elected to serve.

John Hickenlooper is a disgrace and an embarrassment to the State of Colorado and the governorship. His finances should be seized and used to bring down the cost of healthcare in the State of Colorado.

A Voice of Colorado No. 304 Version 5.0:

The State of Colorado needs affordable health care. It does not need a self-serving, parasitic, venal, and corrupt politician named John Hickenlooper involved in the process.

Mr. Hickenlooper is term-limited as governor of Colorado, which means he is looking for another job. Preferably one that requires no experience, competency, or skill, and one involving large amounts of money he can squander and waste as he did while Governor of the State of Colorado.

In order for the State of Colorado to have affordable health care it must first ban John Hickenlooper for life from any involvement in the matter.

A Voice of Colorado No. 278 Version 5.0:

Any time a politician with an unabashed self-serving agenda suggests fixing a failure by applying a new failure to the matter, the best solution is to respectfully but firmly reply: NO.

The recent attempt by Democrat John Hickenlooper to announce that he has a solution to the Unaffordable Health Care Act, which involved apply more failure to the failure that already exists is nothing more than political grandstanding. Hickenlooper, who is term-limited, and who has little to claim as a legitimate legacy as governor of the State of Colorado, has taken it upon himself to fix the Unaffordable Health Care Act with what amounts slight-of-hand. His solution offered little in the way of specifics regarding the skyrocketing costs and increasing likelihood healthcare will be rationed. For someone who fancies himself an accomplished businessman it seems such antics would not be a consideration. The fact he offers no specifics and no solutions proves again that he is unfit to be governor and to be in charge of such a critical concern as healthcare.

Until such time that Mr. Hickenlooper returns to the private sector and until such time that he has to pay for his own healthcare and gains an understanding of the facts at hand any opinion or proposal he advances must be met with a firm but respectful: NO.

A Voice of Colorado No. 170 Version 5.0:

If politicians in the State of Colorado were sincere about acting on behalf of the greater good they would surrender the fortunes that they have amassed at the expense of the taxpayer and the voter.

For example, John Hickenlooper, who presents himself as an accomplished businessman, but who has personally done nothing to create long-term, stable, good-paying jobs since entering politics many years ago. Let him lead by example – sign over all of his worldly possessions to fund healthcare for legal American citizen in Colorado. Should he decline to do so, he must be exposed as a fraud and liar.