A Voice of Colorado Version 2018 No. 128

The Greeley, Salt Lake & Pacific Railroad, the Stout Branch, is located approximately a half mile south of the junction of U.S. Highway 287 and County Road 28, in the vicinity of Laporte, CO.

It was added to the National Register April 16, 2008, 5LR.9960.8

The 1881 Greeley, Salt Lake & Pacific Railroad, also known as GSL&P, Stout Branch represents many northern Colorado railroad operations, and showcases early efforts to establish a link for the area to the transcontinental railroad with a route through the Poudre Canyon, and west to Salt Lake City. In subsequent years the railroad would become an important resource used to transport raw materials that included timber and coal. The Stout Branch had an important role in the commercial and industrial development of northeastern Colorado because it transported sandstone and limestone from quarries located west of Fort Collins to sites in Larimer County and beyond. The Stout Branch embodies and represents several industries and commercial trends in the transportation history of the State of Colorado. Among the industries the branch line supported were stone quarries and sugar beet industries. More information on the Stout Branch is available: