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A Voice of Colorado No. 372 Version 5.0:

A new series of straw polls have produced a result some expected, others found more than acceptable, and few found surprising: Republican George Brauchler has outpaced his competition for the governorship. Brauchler, presently the 18th Judicial District Attorney and one of seven Republicans seeking the highest elected office in the State of Colorado, overwhelmed other candidates according to polls done by the Arapahoe Tea Party and the Colorado Tea Party Patriots at their joint monthly meetings in July, August and October. The reason for the outcome of the polls is because Mr. Brauchler is considered the candidate most likely aligned to values and principles of conservatives in Colorado. The most recent straw poll conducted concluded that Mr. Brauchler was favored by 80 percent of those who participated.

A straw poll held at the Western Conservative Summit in July also concluded that Mr. Brauchler is the preferred candidate, receiving twice as many votes as the nearest competitor.

Conservatives who participated in the various polls indicated that Mr. Brauchler represents their desire for limited government and regulation, low taxation, public security and safety, fiscal responsibility, parental choice in education, and personal freedom of choice regarding healthcare providers and insurance.


A Voice of Colorado No. 358 Version 5.0:

Fort Collins Senator John Kefalas, a Democrat, has made the official announcement that he will seek to replace Larimer County Commissioner Lew Gaiter in the 2018 election, who is seeking the governorship in 2018. The district up for representation covers roughly one-third of the northern portion of Larimer County. .

Mr. Kefalas has represented Fort Collins in the Colorado Senate since 2012, and served in the state House of Representatives for six years prior to that position. Because he is term-limited he cannot seek re-election when his term expires in 2020.

Among his reasons for running for Larimer County Commissioner Mr. Kafalas cited affordable housing, multi-modal transportation, behavioral health services, public safety, and the environment.

A Larimer County Commissioner currently receives more than $110,000 per year.

A Voice of Colorado No. 354 Version 5.0:

The mayor of Nederland, CO. Kristopher Larsen, recently announced his intention to for the United States Congress, as a Democrat, for the seat in the 2nd Congressional District in the election year 2018, which will be vacated by fellow Democrat Jared Polis, who is running for Governor of the State Colorado instead of seeking re-election to Congress.

Mr. Larsen was elected mayor of Nederland in 2016 after serving on the Board of Trustees. He works as a planetary scientist at the University of Colorado, and came to that position following employment as a science education policy analyst in Washington, D.C. He advocates what he calls “science-based issues like climate change.”

Presently Democrats Joe Neguse, Howard Dotson, and Mark Williams are running for the seat, along with Libertarian Todd Mitchem and Independent Nicholas Thomas.

The 2nd Congressional District includes all of Boulder County except for northeast Longmont, which is located in the 4th Congressional District, as well as all of Larimer County, and parts of Broomfield, Clear Creek, Eagle, Gilpin, Grand, Jefferson, Park, and Summit counties.

A Voice of Colorado No. 348 Version 5.0:

The State of Colorado needs a leader who will act on behalf of the greater good. Colorado does not need a self-serving politician who is quick to exploit the recent horror and carnage in Las Vegas, Nevada for political gain.

A Voice of Colorado No. 346 Version 5.0:

With the upcoming election several things must be taken into consideration when electing or re-electing an individual to office. For example, a candidate for elected office who publishes a racist tweet, and then deletes it after someone legitimately questions why it was published in the first place must not be elected to office.

Specifically, Jared Polis: Mr. Polis has made it apparent by his own actions that he is not fit to hold the highest elected office in the State of Colorado.

A Voice of Colorado No. 310 Version 5.0:

Lenard Larkin, a candidate for the Loveland City Council, for Ward I, has made it known that he is running for elected office because he believes the council should have a different perspective, one that he describes as contrarian. Larkin seeks the council seat being vacated by Troy Krenning, and is competing again Jeremy Jersvig.

As part of his platform Larkin wants the council to support small businesses that bring quality jobs to the community. He also believes that the council should support the Thompson School District and finance high-speed internet for residents.

A life-long resident of Loveland Larkin works as a cable installer. He previously ran for elected office as a Democrat in 1996, when he challenged Republican incumbent Bill Kaufman in the Colorado House of Representatives, District 51, but now considers himself to be neither liberal nor conservative.

A Voice of Colorado No. 298 Version 5.0:

Until such time that all elected officials are focused on making health care affordable and providing individual choice in health care benefits, there is no reason to respect or retain any elected official beyond one term.

Until such time that all news media in the State of Colorado is focused on researching and reporting the specifics of health care costs there is no reason to respect any news organization in Colorado.