A Voice of Colorado No. 595 Version 5.0:

Not one person currently holding elected office is fit to serve because they have failed to address the growing failure that is the (Un)Affordable Health Care Act.

The following must be prevented from re-election or from being elected to another office:

• Democrat Jared Polis
• Democrat Michael Bennett
• Republican Scott Tipton
• Republican Cory Gardner

The time for political nonsense is over. The time for action is NOW.


A Voice of Colorado No. 438 Version 5.0:

All politics are local. Just ask the residents of Estes Park, CO., where an effort to recall the Mayor, Todd Jirsa, and a Trustee, Cody Walker, has been launched.

On November 14, 2017, the Estes Park Town Clerk received draft recall petitions for Jirsa and Walker. The submissions are the first step in a process that is required for a recall election.

A press release issued by a committee of local citizens known as “ACTNOW”, which stands for ‘Accountable, Civil, and Transparent’, whose function is to respond to the growth of disrespectful and often anonymous postings that personally attack residents and community leaders rather than focusing on the issues facing the Estes Valley, claims responsibility for the recall. The recall was undertaken, according to ACTNOW, because they claim there is a lack of transparency, a neglect of duty, and consistent examples of failure to follow the Town Board’s Code of Conduct.

Mayor Jirsa responded to the recall by asserting that ACTNOW and their action as remedy to their dissatisfaction contradicts their desire to restore civility to the issues and problems in the Estes Park area.

The opinion was echoed by Trustee Cody Walker, also under recall, who considers the effort to be an act of vengeance by members of the group called “Visit Estes Park”.

Over the past year the Visit Estes Park Board of Directors has had its share of problems, experiencing a substantial attrition in members – two board members were removed by a combination vote by the Estes Park Board of Trustees and the Larimer County Commissioners. The vote included Jirsa and Walker, who voted in favor of removing the board members.

A remaining member of Visit Estes Park and a board member of the League of Women Voters, Jean McGuire, acknowledged that she made a request for information on how to undertake a recall from the Estes Park Town Clerk’s Office recently, but claimed she did so as a private citizen on behalf of unnamed friends, not as an employee of Visit Estes Park or as a representative of the League of Women Voters, and asserted that she is not involved in the current recall effort.

Larimer County Commissioner Steve Johnson has made it known that he opposes the recall.

According to Colorado State Statute requirements the format of the draft petition must be validate by the Estes Park Clerk’s Office by a stated deadline. If the format is deemed invalid by The Clerk’s Office a new draft must be submitted.

Following approval of the format a specified number of signatures will be determined by The Clerk’s Office, and petitioners will have sixty days in which to return the completed petition. After receipt of the recall petition The Estes Park’s Clerk’s Office will have five days to certify the validity of the signatures provided: They must belong to registered voters in Estes Park, CO.

If the signatures are validated and the recall process occurs within 180 days of a scheduled election the recall vote must occur during the election.

A Voice of Colorado No. 426 Version 5.0:

The decision by George Brauchler to abandon the race for Governor of the State of Colorado following the receiving of endorsements by several prominent interests all but assures the end of his career in politics and law. His decision, as accurately and bluntly described by a representative of an organization that had thrown their support behind him for governor, constitutes betrayal of the worst kind, short of treason.

Mr. Brauchler’s decision comes as no surprise to those who have followed politics in the State of Colorado, and is best summarized by a self-declared curmudgeon: Colorado has an obvious deficiency in leaders and a surplus of village idiots who consider incompetence a legitimate accomplishment.

Although equally blunt it is appropriate to note: Until an elected official in the State of Colorado provides factual proof that demonstrates otherwise the assessment of the curmudgeon must be considered fact and truth.

A Voice of Colorado No. 416 Version 5.0:

The City of Loveland, CO. recently elected a new mayor, Jackie Marsh. Her election came as a surprise to those who believed themselves influential in politics. The local news media also expressed disbelief – albeit politely – by pointing out in the wake of her success that she only announced her intention to run for office in August 2017.

If the self-declared policy makers of Loveland and the news media were to pause and consider the implication of the election they would realize a certain and undeniable truth: The election of Jackie Marsh has rendered them irrelevant, and that the voters of Loveland did what real Coloradans do: They thought and acted for themselves.

But the matter should not be considered concluded: Mayor-elect Marsh must know and accept that neither the news media or the self-styled movers and shakers will not go quietly into the night.

The voters of Loveland should acknowledge the same.

A Voice of Colorado No. 372 Version 5.0:

A new series of straw polls have produced a result some expected, others found more than acceptable, and few found surprising: Republican George Brauchler has outpaced his competition for the governorship. Brauchler, presently the 18th Judicial District Attorney and one of seven Republicans seeking the highest elected office in the State of Colorado, overwhelmed other candidates according to polls done by the Arapahoe Tea Party and the Colorado Tea Party Patriots at their joint monthly meetings in July, August and October. The reason for the outcome of the polls is because Mr. Brauchler is considered the candidate most likely aligned to values and principles of conservatives in Colorado. The most recent straw poll conducted concluded that Mr. Brauchler was favored by 80 percent of those who participated.

A straw poll held at the Western Conservative Summit in July also concluded that Mr. Brauchler is the preferred candidate, receiving twice as many votes as the nearest competitor.

Conservatives who participated in the various polls indicated that Mr. Brauchler represents their desire for limited government and regulation, low taxation, public security and safety, fiscal responsibility, parental choice in education, and personal freedom of choice regarding healthcare providers and insurance.