A Voice of Colorado No. 231 Version 5.0:

The Milner-Schwarz House, located at 710 South Railroad Avenue, in Loveland, CO., was added to the National Register March 19, 2014. It is considered architecturally significant because it is well-defined example of an I-House, with a modification considered classical: A single-story rear wing added to the main section.

Noteworthy features of the form include the two-room wide and one-room deep plan that features a central passes and minimal exterior ornamentation. Despite these defining features the Milner Family, for whom the house is partially named, added a Victorian-style porch.

Additionally, while most I-Houses were constructed of wood the Milner-Schwarz House was constructed of brick, owing to the fact the Milner sons were stone masons by trade.

A final distinction of the Milner-Schwarz I-House is that despite being a Colorado I-House by design the structure tends to favor the Midwest I-House because the chimney are located on the gable ends instead of being located centrally.